Flexitanks – A Cost Saving as well as Greener Way to Ship Volume Liquids

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Flexitanks are the option to ISO Container tanks and also steel drums, the Flexitanks cost saving benefit above ISO Containers is that the Flexitank only requires one single quest, thus eliminating the returning shipment of an empty ISO Container to be cleaned regarding re-use, this benefit will save on shipping costs by half.


Using Flexitanks as an alternative to stainlesss steel drums is that a single Flexitank can hold 40% more water than a shipping container filled up with steel drums.

Be ecologically responsible by using Flexitanks.

Flexitanks contribute to the reduction of an believed 300 million gallons involving waste water that made by the Shipping Container along with Drum Shipping Industry coming from cleaning plastic and metallic drums each year. The Environmental Defense Agency estimates that most of this waste water is usually contaminated with dangerous materials and dioxins.

The transport industry alone is responsible for 6% of global emissions and this is definitely estimated to increase by 74% over the next 14 years, making use of Flexitank will significantly minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

Landfills are increasingly being filled with 8 billion plenty of industrial waste alone in the us, a large contributor to this waste material is industrial packaging like Steel Drums used for delivery liquids, these drums are usually leaking with hazardous supplies being leaked directly into the land and ocean.

Shipment empty ISO containers to get cleaned is contributing to the rise in greenhouse gas emissions being emitted by the shipment industry, Flexitanks can be gotten back, recycled and reused which are slowing the spread of global warming in addition to estimated 75% increase connected with greenhouse gas emissions projected by the year 2020.


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